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appointments & trunk parties

Local customers in the greater Philadelphia area are welcome to schedule personal appointments and personal trunk parties.

Trunk Party Rewards

Party hosts with six attending guests or more receive a $75 jewelry credit in addition to a jewelry credit for 20% of the party's sales.

Contact us at
for more information or to schedule a personal appointment or party

gift certificates

Gift certificates are issued individually the old fashioned way by Ann Rodgers Brown and no longer requires a Paypal account for use. Therefore, please note that it may take up to two days to receive a gift certificate via email if purchased online due to the individual processing.

Gift certificate FYI

Unused balances may be applied to other purchases.

Neither Ann Rodgers Brown nor PayPal are responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Gift certificates may not be redeemed for cash.

When redeeming an Ann Rodgers Brown gift certificate online, use the
Custom Invoice & Gift Certificate Orders form. Do not checkout using the shopping cart as it does not accept our gift certificates. The shopping cart will accept only Paypal issued gift certificates.

View a sample gift certificate:

wedding bling

Translucent gemstones, champagne and creamy white freshwater pearls.

Shown above: Pearl, fluorentine and quartz 20 inch necklace | $62

How to redeem a gift certificate

Shop with your gift certificate at a personal appointment, trunk party or online at

To redeem online, you must use the Custom Invoice & Gift Certificate Orders form. You will receive an emailed invoice for your purchase. If there is any outstanding balance for your purchase, you will abe able to add a credit or debit card or Paypal for the remainder of your purchase when you receive your invoice.

Do not checkout using the shopping cart as it does not accept our gift certificates. The shopping cart will accept Paypal issued gift certificates.

Purchase an Ann Rodgers Brown gift certificate

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tailor, wear,
& care

TAILOR & WEAR. If needed, you can tailor the length of many bracelets, necklaces or anklets a half size or so depending on the weave.

To adjust, lay it flat on a flat surface and gently tug to lengthen and expand the weave or compress gently to shorten and tighten it. It should shape easily. Do not force.

CARE. Avoid crumpling. If your piece does become misshapen, lay it flat, untwist and reshape as if you are shaping a freshly washed knit sweater.

Use the technique described above. If it needs flattened, gently press down. It should shape easily. Do not force. Stones may be gently repositioned. Do not force. For rings, reshape on your finger.

Necklaces are best stored flat in the position in which you shaped or wore it. Earrings may be hung or stored flat. Bracelets and anklets may be stored flat or clasped in a circle.

CAUTION. While many of the pieces look great beach or pool side, they should not be worn in the water.

Chlorine especially strips the luster from pearls and also dulls and damages the sheen of the wire
and other stones.

MAGNETIC CLASPS. The best way to open a magnetic clasp is to gently separate the magnets with the tip of your fingernail. Pulling or tugging to part the magnets may over time dislodge them from the clasp housing.

Individuals with pace-makers should request another type of clasp.